Should I Do P90X, Classic, Doubles or Lean?

I get TONS of comments/questions from people asking my opinion on whether or not they should do P90X Classic, Doubles, or Lean. While I would LOVE to personally respond to all these comments it has just become impossible for me to do. So I thought I would write up a post giving my best explanation on how to choose the plan that’s right for you. Be sure to check out my previous post on the difference between all the different P90X plans. Again, if you think you might benefit from my free coaching services I would be happy to provide you with an extra level of support.

Those who have asked me to be their coach get MY TOP PRIORITY for answering questions, responding to e-mails, and being available. Those who ask questions that aren’t on my team still get my time and attention, but only after I’ve taken care of those who are on my team. I hope those who are on my team see that when I say I am committed to your success, I really mean it!

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Anyway, back to the plans!!

Here’s the thing….99.999999999% of the time I will recommend you do the CLASSIC plan. Classic is just that….CLASSIC P90X. Lean doesn’t have enough strength training and DOUBLES….well, Doubles will DEFINITELY help you reach your goals quickly but ONLY if you can commit to doing TWO workouts three days a week AND focus on your nutrition habits with the precision of a laser beam. Are you ready for that level of commitment? If yes, than DEFINITELY go for Doubles! But if you feel like it’s taking too much of a toll on your body don’t be afraid to take a step back and return to the Classic schedule. Sometimes it’s better to do only one workout per day that you can give your all for, rather than simply adding more exercise and running your body down. Make sense?

For my first round of P90X I followed the Classic plan during Phase 1 and Phase 2 and then kicked it into high gear and did Doubles during Phase 3. Worked like a charm! Some people can do two workouts per day and feel great, others not such. It all depends on you and what you can fit into your schedule.

But wait, what if you’ve already started Lean…is it OK to switch to Classic? YES! You will simply add another strength training workout to your weekly routine. There is no need to start over unless you want to! You will burn just as many calories following the Classic plan, so if you need to lose a lot of body fat there is no reason NOT to make the switch!

After you get your first round of P90X under your belt you can increase the intensity by subbing some Insanity workouts for the P90X cardio (or start training for your first half-marathon!!), but I definitely recommend waiting to do a hybrid until you’ve completed at least one round of P90X.

Amanda is a 2-Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, retired Licensed Veterinary Technician and RRCA certified running coach. Her geekiness is legendary and is most proud of the fact she finally found a way to turn her passions for running, fitness, nutrition, writing, and pets into a full-time business that now helps others get off the couch and get after their dreams. Proverbs 3:5-6

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