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If you’re reading this article you’re probably looking for a way to get Shakeology cheaper than the $119.95 retail price. While you won’t find any Shakeology coupons or coupon codes online there’s a couple different ways you can save money on Shakeology.

1. Team Beachbody Club Membership Discount

Team Beachbody club members get 10% off all products for sale on the website including Shakeology. There are also some other benefits and perks for club members including personalized meal plans and VIP access to celebrity trainers and Beachbody experts, including live chats, exclusive videos, nutrition tips, and  recipes. Club membership costs $38.87 every 3 months (or $2.99 a week). CLICK HERE to sign-up for a Club membership.

2. Coach Discount

Beachbody coaches receive a 25% discount on all products including Shakeology. Even though there is a $14.95 recurring monthly fee to remain a coach, you’re still saving $10 a month on Shakeology. The great thing about the coaching opportunity is that not only are you saving $10 a month on your purchase, you can actually earn a little extra money on the side by sharing Shakeology with others. But even if you’re not interested in the business side of things, it doesn’t really matter! There’s no penalty if the only reason you want to become a coach is for the discount. And don’t forget, you get a 25% discount on all the other Beachbody products too! In fact, Beachbody estimates that at least 80% of people sign-up as “coaches” just to get the discount!! :-)

CLICK HERE to become a Beachbody coach and start saving on Shakeology today!
Retail Price: $119.95 Coach Price: $89.96

Got questions about becoming a coach? I’d be happy to answer them! Please use my contact form.

Amanda is a 2-Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, retired Licensed Veterinary Technician and RRCA certified running coach. Her geekiness is legendary and is most proud of the fact she finally found a way to turn her passions for running, fitness, nutrition, writing, and pets into a full-time business that now helps others get off the couch and get after their dreams. Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. Mayra Martinez says

    I read somewhere that if you are active duty military or retired military that the $14.95 monthly fee is waived when you become a couch, is that true. And how do I go about ordering and signing up as a Navy Retired personnel?

  2. says

    Hi Suzanne, I’m emailing you the information now…if for some reason you don’t see it in your inbox check your spam folder in case it goes there because of the attachments.

  3. says

    Hi Khandice, I just emailed you the info as well…if for some reason you didn’t receive it be sure to check your spam folder. Thanks!

  4. Chelsea says

    Does the Coach also get free shipping on orders? Could you by chance send me some information on what being a coach entails, and how I would sell the product/earn extra cash? Also, if you could send me the military info that would be great. Thank you!

  5. says

    Hi Chelsea, home direct orders come with free shipping–that includes both coaches and customers. You will find lots more information on coaching here: I recommend going there and reading through all of the articles. If you’re still interested in coaching after that please use my contact form and will be happy to send you a military application.

  6. Jennifer says

    Hello. This is a great site. I see a lot of people have asked, my I too have the military discount information? Thank you.


  7. kiki says

    If I became a coach for the shake discounts after maintaining the website how much would I be spending every month? …

  8. says

    Hi Kiki, it depends on what you mean by website…your personal website or the BB websites? The monthly business service fees which include the maintenance of your websites is $15.95 per month.

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