Coaching FAQs: Active, Inactive, Emerald Rank, and the Customer Lead Program

All new coaches start out their first week as INACTIVE. If you purchased a challenge pack during the sign-up process, the Beachbody system will show you as ACTIVE the next time the system updates. The Beachbody system checks every Wednesday night at midnight EST to see if each coach has bought or sold at least 50 PV (personal volume) points in the last 35 days. You can see how many PV points are assigned to each product by looking them up in your Coach Online Office or simply go the Team Beachbody store while you are logged into your account.


PVs are about equivalent to what YOU pay, as a coach, dollar for dollar. For example, P90X costs $89.89 for you as a coach and is worth 90 PV. If someone purchases it from your account, they pay $119.85 and you earn $30 (25%) and 90 PV. It’s the same PV points whether you buy it for yourself, or if someone buys it from your Beachbody website or link.

If you have 50 PVs, the system will post your new ACTIVE status (or higher coach rank status) the next time the system updates—Thursday morning. So, even if you bought or sold 50 PV worth of merchandise today, it would stay INACTIVE until Thursday afternoon.

So, what does INACTIVE really mean?

As INACTIVE you are still a coach. You still receive commissions on sales that you make. BUT, inactive status is a pretty good indicator that you’re not really actively buying or selling and therefore not getting much out of the coaching experience.  :-(

If you’re not using the products, you’re not likely to be talking about them. And, really NOT likely to be able to share them genuinely with others. On the other hand, if you live the Beachbody coaching lifestyle, the conversations about the products will come more naturally.

If you just joined to get the 25% discount staying active isn’t all that important, but if you want to build your business staying active is pretty much a necessity. Signing up for Shakeology home direct is the easiest way to do this. You should be drinking Shakeology anyway! I have 2 home direct orders of Shakeology. One that my husband and I use for our personal use (the bulk bag) and the other I use for samples (the packets).

But is being ACTIVE really that important?

ranksThe first level of higher earnings (when you become eligible for team bonuses and the Customer Lead Program) is to reach EMERALD rank. Being Emerald means you are ACTIVE and you have at least two coaches under you that are also ACTIVE (one on each side in your downline). So, you could become Emerald right away, but have a coach who hasn’t bought or sold 50 PV worth of product in 35 days and drop out of Emerald status. Not a show-stopper, but you DO lose your carryover volume when you drop back down to Coach status. The more coaches you have, the easier it is to maintain your rank and go higher. Plus, if you’re using products yourself each month, and/or have a regular customer base that grows each month, your status remains ACTIVE easily.

Achieving EMERALD status can actually happen pretty quickly even as a brand new coach. Once you qualify for Success Club and the Customer Lead Program, customers will be assigned to you on a random basis. The number of customers you receive varies depending on the time of year (January is a VERY busy time!). At first they may not order much, because they have JUST ordered from Beachbody (and you don’t get credit for that first order since it came from a Beachbody advertisement). But they DO order as time goes on and especially if you’ve made an effort to connect and invite them to your challenge groups. Also, as these customers experience success with the Beachbody products they ordered, they may eventually want to become coaches themselves!

In Summary, the Main Benefits of Becoming Emerald Are:

1. It’s the first step in becoming eligible for the Customer Lead Program (second step = earning Success Club) where customers are assigned to you (over time they start buying products that adds to your weekly checks AND they make GREAT coaches AND Beachbody is releasing new products all the time so they are likely to buy with little or NO additional work on your part).

2. You become eligible for team cycle bonuses. Yes, these team cycle bonuses take time to grow, but give them time! As your team grows and their teams grow, your team cycle bonus grows exponentially.

How do I qualify for the Customer Lead Program?

To qualify for the Customer Lead Program you need to meet the following requirements:

1. Emerald rank or higher.
2. At least 8 WOWY workouts logged in REAL time within the last 30 days. That’s just clicking “workout now” 8 times in a month – Easy! “Scheduled” workouts do NOT count. You have to click “workout now”. And only 1 workout per day counts. You don’t have to click FINISHED when you’re done, but if you DO, you’re entered into the daily prize/cash giveaway! UPDATE: Logging workouts is a great way to stay accountable but is no longer a requirement for the lead program.
3. At least a “Before” Picture posted on your Team Beachbody profile page with a bio.
4. Club Member ($38 every four months). Beachbody wants to make sure you are familiar with all their tools if they are assigning you customers that may also be club members. So yes, you have to join the “Club” to be eligible but you EASILY recoup that because MANY of the customers assigned to you are also club members and YOU make $19 off your customer’s renewal fees. So, for every quarter you’re paying $38, you’re usually making at the very LEAST $100 in return with renewals!

REMEMBER: It only takes 2 ACTIVE coaches!

What if my coaches just joined to get the discount?
Not everyone wants to work the business, and you WILL have people wanting to join just for the discounts. GREAT! Do not turn those folks down! Many of those people end up building their business without even trying anyway!

I started off as a “discount coach.” But I quickly saw how easy and effortless it was to share the success I had doing P90X with others. I discovered I could turn my love for health and fitness into residual income PLUS help people change their lives too. This is something I was doing for FREE and would continue to do for free but if I can get PAID for it, WHY NOT? :-)

Should my spouse/significant other become a coach?

If you’re going to build this business (which means you plan to build a team) the first two people you sign up are the two people that will benefit the MOST from your hard work and your growing team of coaches. Those two people (the first one on each leg) will have in their organization ALL the people YOU add to your organization PLUS they’ll have others in their organization that are added from those above YOU.

Even if those first two people don’t want to really “work” the business, as long as they at least become Emerald, they’ll be able to cash in on team bonus cycles, from coaches YOU brought in. I am commonly asked, “What if those first two people don’t want to work it and do nothing with their business? Does it negatively impact ME?” No, it doesn’t negatively impact you as long as you’re still moving forward and building your team. It’s true that it doesn’t HELP you that they’re not working it, and it’s their loss for not taking advantage of the downline growing beneath them, but it doesn’t HURT your business if they do nothing with their account and don’t take advantage of the team cycle bonuses.

The Benefits of having a spouse/significant other join under you:

1. If you are already active, you can send all other sales and/or purchases through your spouse/sig other account so that HE/SHE gets the commission (hopefully you SHARE money . . . HA!) and YOU get the team volume points! If you already easily get your 50pv/month to stay active, then send OTHER sales, or HD orders, or your own purchases through his/her account. Again, YOUR account will also benefit from the team volume that creates.

2. You’re only ONE coach short of being Emerald because you only need TWO coaches to be Emerald (one on each side).

3. Once your spouse/sig other is active and you’ve reached Emerald, you can have your next couple of coaches join under your spouse/sig other so that he/she is now an Emerald under you! Then soon you’ll have TWO weekly bonus checks that start coming in as the team grows, and TWO accounts collecting customers under the Customer Lead Program. Two checks and twice the amount of customers is better than one. I’m quite sure of this. :-)

4. With an Emerald coach under you that you can RELY ON to stay Emerald, you’re now closer to reaching Diamond rank! Then you’ll build his/her account to be one of your DIAMONDS.

You can have ALL the drive in the world to make this work, but if you approach this business the wrong way (too aggressive with people, not confident enough, or like a “salesperson” out to recruit or make a sale) and you’re not willing to take the time to genuinely connect with people and help them, you’ll burn out and feel frustrated.

Beachbody coaching is a great way to make money, but ONLY when it comes as the result of helping people transform their lives. The only successful coaches I know are truly passionate about the programs and are excited to help others get fit and healthy.

If you don’t BELIEVE you can make a 6-figure income in this business, chances are you won’t. I know every single person on my team has the ability, and I just can’t WAIT to see who endures the challenge and makes it to the top in the next year or two!

Amanda is a 2-Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, retired Licensed Veterinary Technician and RRCA certified running coach. Her geekiness is legendary and is most proud of the fact she finally found a way to turn her passions for running, fitness, nutrition, writing, and pets into a full-time business that now helps others get off the couch and get after their dreams. Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. says

    There is a lot of great information on this site. Thank you for taking the time to type this all out and share.

  2. Josie says

    I have an question by the way great info. :) If I get 2 active coaches in my downline and then become Emerald status with a couple of active referrals. My question is if the first 2 coaches decide to become unactive will my status drop back down to coach even tho I have gotten the active free leads?

  3. says

    Hi Josie, in order to qualify for Emerald status you need two ACTIVE coaches, one in each leg. So yes, if one of your first two coaches becomes inactive you will no longer be Emerald. That’s why it’s so important to keep moving forward with building your team. :-)

  4. says

    Wow! Thanks for this very helpful article. I’m sending it on to one of my new coaches. There is so much info that it’s hard to remember everything. I’m bookmarking this for sure for future reference. Take care and thanks again.

  5. says

    Thanks for the info. I am just starting and am trying to learn as much as possible. Just signed my second coach today but they were listed as inactive.
    God Bless

  6. Greg says

    Can I sign up with just the 39.99 package and make money. Eventually upgrading to emerald or diamond. I can’t afford to buy a challenge pack or can I afford to not make money and feel I’ve blown 39.99 plus 15.00 a month after.

  7. says

    Greg, you can do anything if your set your mind to it! That being said if your #1 priority is to make money people are going to sense that right away. The only way you will get far in any business is if you focus on helping others get what THEY want. So I would just be careful. $40 is not a lot of money to invest in a business that can potentially pay you six figures in 3 years or so. You need to expect that there’s a potential you won’t earn a profit in the first month or two. If you’re not willing to take a chance then it’s probably best to stick with whatever it is you’re doing now.

  8. Trish says

    Great information – looking for answers myself as a new coach and your information was a gold mine – especially in where to place my coaches under me!! thx!!!

  9. blondie says

    If my sponsor puts active coaches in my downline, before I’ve even personally signed up a coach myself.. what happens? Don’t I need to personally sponsor (ps) two coaches in my downline to become emerald?

  10. says

    That’s correct. other coaches in your downline not sponsored by you don’t have anything to do with your rank.

  11. Becca Weller says

    Great concise information; thank you for sharing! Quick question…you confirmed my hunch. I’m emerald and my husband is a coach under me. How do I switch some customers from me to him to obtain more team cycle bonuses. My other leg generates a lot of sales. The leg my husband is on…it’s just him.

  12. says

    Your other leg is generating more volume because there are most likely more coaches in that leg, not necessarily more customers. Don’t confuse your customers–you want to keep them where they are. Just continue to build your team. That’s the best long-term strategy.

  13. Hannah O'Polka says

    Hi! Thanks for the helpful information. So if a coach signs on with you and they remain inactive or choose not to purchase a challenge pack right away will they still receive the 25% off products?

  14. says

    Hi Hannah! Yep, there is no pressure to buy or sell a certain amount of products if all you want to do is enjoy the 25% discount.

  15. Anthony says

    What happens if l sign up as a coach being inactive and I sign up another coach under me. Does it mean I will became active or what happens?


  16. Priscilla says

    Such great information Amanda! I’m a new coach and it looks as though I’m on the verge of becoming inactive, my first month is almost up, but I thought bringing in the 90pv every month keeps me active? I signed up for shakeology hd. I am really eager to grow my business so I’m thinking of signing my husband up but would I need to buy a challenge pack for him?

  17. says

    If you’re on Shakeo HD you’ll be fine as long as your shipment is scheduled to ship monthly. You can certainly purchase a challenge pack for your hubby but he only needs 50PV to be an active coach.

  18. John says


    Great information! I have a few questions though.

    1) In order to be an active coach you need to either buy 50pv points OR if a customer buys something from you does that count towards your 50pv to keep you active?

    2) Can you be an active coach by paying just the monthly $16 fee, hitting 50pv per month and not joining the club membership?

    3) What is the benefit of joining the club membership?

    4) I am thinking about being a coach but I would like to obtain success points and things like that but wasn’t sure if I had to be in the “club” or if could do it without that membership so it would only be the 16 fee instead of the $40 quarterly.

  19. says

    Hi John!

    1. correct
    2. yes
    3. there are several perks but my favorite is the customized meal planner which includes shopping lists.
    4. In order to qualify for customer leads you need to be a club member.

  20. John says


    Thank you very much for the reply. I had one more question.

    -If you just sign up for the 15.95 and not the club membership do you still receive your own free beach body websites or does that only come with the club membership?

  21. V says

    Ok…so I am scheduled to be active tomorrow morning. The girl in my downline, not sponsored by me, has sold 3 challenge packs in her first week. I do not get any kind of bonus from that do I? My upline coach is being really vague about the geneology and how that all works. What is the point of having a downline if they don’t do anything for me?

  22. says

    Be sure to go through the Coach Training Academy in the online office. There are some videos in there that explains exactly how this all works. To quote JFK, “Don’t ask what your downline can do for you, ask what you can do for them.”

  23. says

    Amanda, I just wanted to thank you for all the great information that you offer. I am a newer BB coach and I am trying to digest and understand all that this encompasses. I have found myself at your site before as I have been researching, and loved it. Again, this morning, I googled a question and the answer came through you again. I just want to say that you are a wonderful teacher. You are able to convey information in such an organized and clear way. You have the heart of a teacher and the gift of one as well. Thanks for all of your great advice!

  24. says

    Thank you Kim! I definitely appreciate that and happy learning! Enjoy the journey and if you have questions about something please let me know! :-)

  25. Tj says

    Hello, I am thinking about becoming a coach and have a few questions.

    1. How many PV do you need to stay a Coach?

    2. If you just need to maintain so many PV per month, do i necessarily need to keep buying something every month if I can just make PV through sales?

    3. If I buy in to be a coach with, let’s say Shakeology, will I be paying full price or the discounted price as a coach? I am confused on that part. It seems like I am buying in at full price to be a coach but not getting the discount on it? I just want to be clear on that.

    4. If I buy in on something, can I cancel after I make sales to reach the required PV?


  26. says

    1. Zero. However, if you want to be an active coach you need 50PV.
    2. The coaches who are most successful drink Shakeology every day, so you would need to buy that.
    3. It depends on if you purchase a challenge pack during the sign-up process (which includes Shakeology). In that case the cost of Shakeology is included in the price of your challenge pack and the $39.95 sign-up fee is waived. If you don’t buy a challenge pack, you simply need to pay the $39.95 fee to sign-up as a coach. Once you’re signed up you can purchase Shakeo for 25% off. Coaches don’t really need to “buy in” to anything.
    4. Sorry, but I’m not really sure I understand the question. You should only be buying products you need and plan on using. If you stay on Shakeology home direct, your required PV is automatically take care of.

  27. Lisa says

    HI Amanda-

    loved all your info. I have been a discount coach for a year, reading all the posts from Summit on FB got me fired up again. I get my Shakeology HD, have no coaches under me. So I should at least sign up my husband as a coach and Shakeology HD (with packets so I can give out as samples, right)that will give him 50 VP a month and keep him active and then I need to sign up one more person to achieve Emerald rank, correct?
    At this point I will begin to receive leads from beachbody correct?
    I am currently in Bootcamp again, kinda starting over, but really wanting to make this work both physically and financially.
    Have you ever hosted Shake and Share? I’m just reading about those.
    Thanks, I may write with more questions!

  28. says

    yes, you will receive customer leads from BB once you reach Emerald. Even though you haven’t personally sponsored any coaches you may still have coaches contributing to your team volume in your downline…these coaches have been added by other coaches on your team. If you’re not sure check your graphical genealogy in your back office or ask your upline. You definitely want to signup your husband as soon as possible. I’ve never done a Shake and Share but many coaches have and have been very successful. :-)

  29. Norma says

    Thank you for all the wonderful information. I am thinking about becoming a beachbody coach and I have a question for you. In your article you wrote, “Those TWO people (the first one on each leg) will have in their organization ALL the people you add to your organization PLUS they’ll have others in their organization that are added from those above you.” Could you explain this a little bit further?

    Thank you again!!!

  30. Aubrey says

    I was thinking of canceling my HD only because I’m living in Scotland (from Texas) and it is so hard for me to get Shakeology. I have to send my mother $50 to ship it to me and then pay VAT tax to the UK border agency $50 to get it from them… and I’m not making money from being a coach yet so it’s so hard to find that money. I’m actually overdrafted $245 from my last HD order that I couldn’t afford!!! So I wanted to cancel it but still work hard at making challenge groups and selling products to people. Is this still possible? Once I get more popular with beachbody I love to get back on HD because I LOVE shakeology… I’ve asked my coach if this is possible but she kinda snaps at me and says no and that’s it… I know she’s trying to protect her investment as well… but I’m seriously struggling over here in Scotland, I’m hardly able to afford food at the moment. :( Thanks for any help!

  31. says

    Hey Aubrey, this is YOUR business…not your upline’s!! You are the CEO and need to make decisions based on what’s right for YOU. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!