Chunky Turkey Chili Meal Prep

how to meal prep chunky turkey chili

This chunky turkey chili is sooooo easy to make and it tastes so good!! I like my chili to be thick like a stew (not watery!) so if you're the same way this recipe is for you! Now just a heads up...this recipe makes A LOT of chili! If you don't want to be eating chili for at … [Read more...]

Mighty Mac Bridge Race 2014


Fun (and not-so-fun) Facts about the Mackinac Bridge: It's the 5th largest suspension bridge in the world. Travel and Leisure rates it as the 7th "scariest" bridge in the world. The bridge is 5 miles long and reaches up to about 200 feet above the water. In 1989 a gust … [Read more...]