Kale Chopped Salad with Edamame


WARNING: Eating this salad will make you happy! :o) I think next time I make this I'm going to add some broccoli. It was definitely good without it, but I think the broccoli would kick it up another notch!! This recipe is vegan-friendly and makes enough salad to last for … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Prep #2


My routine was thrown off a little bit this past week because I went out of town but I still wanted to share my meal prepping menu with you. I typically like to do everything all at once, but this time I had to spread things out a bit...and that works too! You should know that … [Read more...]

Turkey Meatball Meal Prep


Guess what...this recipe only has FOUR INGREDIENTS! Isn't that exciting! Well, technically SIX if you count the additional seasonings if you choose to add them but still...I love simplicity! Plus, who doesn't love eating finger food? Finger food is FUN! INGREDIENTS 1 … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Prep #1


In an effort to become more consistent with my weekly meal prepping I thought it might be fun (and hopefully helpful!) to share some of my favorite recipes and routines. CLICK HERE TO PIN Here's the shopping list I shared for my first meal prep on my Facebook page a few … [Read more...]

Egg Muffins with Spinach


This is a great meal prepping recipe for breakfast. I typically use a standard muffin pan for these and divide into 4 servings (3 muffins each) but if you want you could use a jumbo muffin pan instead. I also like to use liners in the muffin pan. You can spray the pan with … [Read more...]