Weekly Meal Prep #1


In an effort to become more consistent with my weekly meal prepping I thought it might be fun (and hopefully helpful!) to share some of my favorite recipes and routines. CLICK HERE TO PIN Here's the shopping list I shared for my first meal prep on my Facebook page a few … [Read more...]

Egg Muffins with Spinach


This is a great meal prepping recipe for breakfast. I typically use a standard muffin pan for these and divide into 4 servings (3 muffins each) but if you want you could use a jumbo muffin pan instead. I also like to use liners in the muffin pan. You can spray the pan with … [Read more...]

Quinoa Breakfast Bars


CLICK HERE TO PIN FOR LATER Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean inspired me to try this recipe. There's a few different variations you can use depending on what ingredients you have hanging out in your pantry. It has a lot of flexibility so feel free to experiment! I also … [Read more...]

Quinoa & Apple Stuffing


I seem to be on a quinoa kick lately and when I saw this recipe on TeamBeachbody.com I thought it looked pretty good! I should have known by looking at the ingredients, but this recipe makes A TON of stuffing (16 servings). This isn't so bad if you're making it for … [Read more...]

Chunky Turkey Chili Meal Prep

how to meal prep chunky turkey chili

This chunky turkey chili is sooooo easy to make and it tastes so good!! I like my chili to be thick like a stew (not watery!) so if you're the same way this recipe is for you! Now just a heads up...this recipe makes A LOT of chili! If you don't want to be eating chili for at … [Read more...]